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06.02—09.02.20    AEC’s Pop and Jazz Platform 2020 Gebouw Paddenhoek en gebouw Grote Sikkel symposium

AEC is een alliantie tussen Europese scholen voor hoger muziekonderwijs. De ontmoeting van Pop en Jazz Platform vindt dit jaar plaats in Gent, in Gebouw Paddenhoek en campus Grote Sikkel.

"The theme of this year’s conference is “Sound” which resonates perfect with the music department´s educational profile with departments in music production, jazz and -pop music with a focus on cross-over education to stimulate the combination of learning an instrument and creating your own music. We will also have a group of artists, teachers and experts that will go deep in the discussion on the conference theme and the aspects of sound in music education today."

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  • Conservatorium jazz/pop en muziekproductie i.s.m. AEC
  • €70